Your dedicated crypto & fiat accounting team.

Flare handles crypto & fiat bookkeeping end-to-end, plus other accounting services for web3 companies.

Trusted by 200+ web3 companies globally

Rated 4.98/5 - from 100+ reviews
"I'll just say now that these guys are fantastic and you won't be disappointed. From bookkeeping to fundraising support they have saved us  countless hours & budget."
Chaz Englander
Co-Founder @ Fat Llama (YC S17)
"This team understands startups and the change that typically comes with them - Flare was with us from our seed round through to acquisition."
Jack Wilson
Co-Founder @ Fancy (YC S21)
"We used previously but thankfully we found Flare who have dramatically sped up closing our monthly books, last month this took less than a week."
Angus Duncan
Co-Founder @ Endorsed AI

Why Choose Flare

Software first

Our in-house engineering team builds software and tools that our accounting team then use to streamline and automate as much of the crypto accounting process as possible resulting in faster monthly closes and competitive pricing.

Crypto native accountants

Flare's team of qualified accountants all graduate from our internal academy before working on client accounts. This means they are experienced in web3 accounting principals driven by the latest FASB and IFRS guidelines so you don't waste time explaining common crypto concepts.

Crypto Accounting Services

Crypto & Fiat Bookkeeping

Flare handles your bookkeeping end-to-end, from tracking your crypto assets with our in-house software, to our team of crypto native CPAs closing your books each month. You don't need to purchase an expensive crypto accounting tool and then find an accountant that knows how to use it. Your Flare account manager is always available to answer your questions. Finally, we're platform agnostic and can work on Quickbooks, Xero etc.

CFO Services

Our accounting team brings over 100 years of combined experience across a range of financial services including M&A, investor reporting, fundraising, forecasting and more. Flare Bookkeeping clients are able to create a bespoke CFO Services package that tackles their specific requirements with a number of reserved hours each month which is incredibly cost effective.


Flare services bookkeeping customers globally including US, Europe, Singapore, Canada, BVI, Cayman, South America & more. We help those with both simple and complex corporate structures. Given the local requirements of each jurisdiction, we are able to connect clients with a local compliance firm from within our network that comes on an incredibly strong recommendation.

Bookkeeping starting from


  • Includes both the crypto software to extract your transactions + the cost of an accountant
  • Dedicated & Qualified Bookkeeping Team
  • Covering all major chains and custom integrations if required
  • Both Fiat & Crypto bookkeeping included

Domain Expertise


Flare is the preferred bookkeeping solution for on/offramp clients due to our incredibly competitive pricing on high volume crypto and fiat accounts

Gaming Studios

Flare already supports clients with high transaction volumes, particularly involving NFTs on gaming orientated chains such as Ronin

NFT Projects

Flare automatically classifies the majority of NFT based txns across all major chains including differentiating between Royalty and Mint revenue, saving you time classifying transactions each month

Miners / Node Operators

Our accounting team are familiar with the best accounting practises for dealing with validator scale transaction volumes and how to best structure your accounts for simplicity whilst always staying within the accounting guidelines

Plus many more
  • Best in-class support
  • Trustless infrastructure

Integrations with chains, exchanges, DeFi & more.

Track and account for all your assets without the hassle by delegating your accounting to Flare's team of qualified experts.